Being a teen is difficult

It's even more difficult when teens want to make changes
like cut down on junk food or stop overeating and they can’t.
It affects the whole family.
There's frustration, isolation, stress, and strained relationships.
If you are wondering how can teenagers live a healthy lifestyle, you are at the right place.

I can help.

I created the  LIfestyle For Teens  LIFT Program specifically for your family.

The LIFT program will help you build healthy habits that last for a lifetime so that you both moms and teens feel happier and build a supportive relationship.

What diet is best for a teenager?

What foods teenagers should avoid?


Follow a lifestyle not a diet. Dont punish yourself with restrictive diets. Give your body the love it deserves.

For Moms who want to help their teens

When your teen wants to lose weight and can't, it hurts as a mom.

You want to talk to your teen about weight loss but you are afraid you might create body image issues and an eating disorder.

You want to make sure your teen loses weight safely and eats healthy meals.

You may feel frustrated or helpless because you are very busy and can't do more.

The LIFT Coaching Program

The LIFT Program is designed specifically to create a safe space and help your family.

I guide teenagers through the journey of building healthy habits that last, so they can feel happier, more confident, less stressed, and love their body again.

Here are the NEXT STEPS:

1. Get my free resources and start living healthier today!

2. Schedule a Call. See if the LIFT program is a good fit for your family.

3. Feel supported throughout your journey. Join a group of teens/moms who face the same challenges as you and get weekly education and live coaching.

4. Build healthy habits that last and be happier and more confident. You will be amazed at how far small changes can take you.





The LIFT program will educate your teen about how to make healthy choices that do not feel restrictive, by eating what feels right for their body and soul.



The LIFT program will help your teen incorporate more movement in their daily routine. Exercise does not have to be a burden and it can actually be fun!



The LIFT program will teach your teen the connection between stress and health, how to recognize emotions that lead to overeating and how to implement strategies to handle uncomfortable feelings.



The LIFT program will guide your teen on basic principles of healthy relationships, starting with the relationship with self and also with family, friends and others.

Jenny Gourgari - Lifestyle For Teens


Hi there!

I am Jenny Gourgari, MD

I help teenagers live a healthy lifestyle

so they can feel happier, more confident,

less stressed, and love their body again.

I know how you feel, I was like you!

As a teenager, I was constantly dieting in high school but that would only last a few days and then I went back to my daily chocolate croissants to manage school and daily stress. My number one priority was to get to medical school. I made it, but I suffered. I was not comfortable with my body and I felt deprived. Years later, I learned that it did not have to be this way. There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping teenagers build a healthy lifestyle so they can feel happier, less stressed, and love their body again.

My credentials

  • Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach
  • American Board of Obesity Medicine Diplomate
  • Board certified in Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Board certified in Pediatrics
  • Master of Science, Georgetown University, USA

Start your journey to a healthy lifestyle today.

Get these free resources to help you right away.


What people who have worked with me say

Losing weight used to look impossible for me before I started my health coaching program with Dr Gourgari! It's about taking small effective steps in life and seeing big results.

What people who have worked with me say
Daniese N

I am so happy I found Dr Gourgari as my Health Coach. I was seeking help with uncovering sleep issues and finding natural solutions. Dr. G cares deeply about her clients. I used to have poor sleeping habits and I felt tired all the time. After working with Dr G as my Coach, I was able to implement doable habits and finally sleep better, feel more energetic and am happier. I renewed my energy and confidence while really learning how to listen to my body to make healthier choices. I love Dr G. and highly recommend working with her! She is caring, knowledgeable and really changed my life!

What people who have worked with me say
Carlene M.

I used to overeat at lunch most days and I always found excuses for not working out. Dr. Gourgari helped me create a routine that is easy to follow, I learned how to cook healthy meals in less than 30 minutes and I never looked back at my old habits!

What people who have worked with me say
Irene K