Are You Getting Frustrated
with what to feed a teenager who is always hungry?


Everybody knows that teenagers have a huge appetite, don’t they?

It seems like you need to feed them constantly to satisfy their hunger.

It's even more difficult when teens who struggle with their weight

truly want to make changes

like cut down on junk food or stop overeating and they can’t.

It affects the whole family.

There's frustration, isolation, stress, and strained relationships.

If you are wondering how can teenagers live a healthy lifestyle,

without creating body image issues and constant yo-yo dieting

you are at the right place.


That’s where I come in

I’ve put together this recipe collection of 30 easy and healthy meals that are high in protein to satisfy your teen’s hunger and they can be ready in less than 30 minutes!!


No more scratching your head wondering what to cook every day.